Make Six figures! Six figures. 6 FIGURES.

I’m so sick of this marketing phrase I could cry.

I guess I’m a little sensitive because when I did make six figures, I was miserable.

The kind of miserable that makes you shake like a leaf with the thought of going to…

Nobody wants to hear the word innovate ever again.

“A barista pouring coffee into a mug that says ugh on it at Bar Nine” by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Here’s something that seriously pains me.

SaaS company landing pages with big headlines that say something like this:

“We [tech buzzword] and [tech buzzword]” …

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Stop using those words.

The last thing we need in the world of SaaS is more buzz-y copy. It does nothing.

Most tech-literate people are numb to words like…

A glossary of terms for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.


A digital form of currency with cryptography as the underlying structure. A foundation of cryptography renders cryptocurrency highly secure and difficult to counterfeit. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. …

This week marked a historic milestone for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The CBOE launched futures trading on its exchange. In the excitement of the first hour the price of Bitcoin jumped over $1,000 above $17,000.

Trading Has Been “Orderly”

Trading continued without incident though the CBOE’s volatility sensors aka “circuit breakers” were triggered two times…

People are ca-razy for Bitcoin. The optimism, the excitement, it’s like a digital gold rush. But there’s also a low hum of skeptics that can’t wait to short Bitcoin. Luckily, there’s multiple ways to short for the bears.

Shorting Bitcoin is aggressive given its rocket like trajectory the last year…

Brynn Johnson

Conversion Copywriter for SaaS, Big Data, Blockchain and Tech| Freelance Coach at

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